At NoEsDieta we invite you to become part of a new healthy life style.

Join us as we learn how to keep an accurate nutrition according to your needs and your life rhythm. Here, we’ll teach:

  • The Philosophy of NoesDieta in order to achieve your ideal weight without pills or supplements.
  • Alkaline Food for the prevention and treat chronic conditions.
  • Methods to fight against free radicals through feeding.
  • Daily proteins requirements, fats and carbohydrates according to your needs.
  • How our portions should be and which food should be our snacks, including Pre and Post-Training.
  • Ways of feeding both before and after a workout.
  • Steps to eliminate anxiety and boost your energy – Guiding Food to prevent and control chronic illnesses.
  • Tips in order to adequately purchase at the supermarket.
  • Directions to truly preparing a green juice so you can actually clean your body, increase your energy and even key ingredients to substitute an entire meal.

Join up!

These themes may vary according to the related content of the conference and the speaker.

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