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Guys you know how much I love pictures and more so now that I have Mateo. I'm taking pictures of him every minute, of all the things he does. You know baby pictures are memories you will want to keep forever, that's why when I found Mixbook I decided to go ahead and make albums to enjoy those pictures and display them around my house. Mixbook has been such a great and easy service for making my photo albums! I’m a person that loves things that are easy and practical for myself, since I can't be spending too much time since I now have Mateo. Mixbook provides a service where you can make photo albums with simple steps here’s how you can order your photo book. You can register by doing click here


Once you are on their website www.mixbook.com you will choose “Photo Books



Click on “Start your book” or you can explore from the 5 categories they give you with many different themes.



In this step you have several options. One, you can go ahead and click on any of those categories to take you to an specific photo book theme. Two, You'll see yourself where you can scroll and there's a variety of templates for your photo book, you can choose any template you want to use and later modify it. Three, you can start a blank book.



If you choose to go ahead and choose a template you can always do a quick preview to see how the photo book is.



If you choose to go ahead and start a blank book it will give you three options, whether you want your photo book square, portrait or landscape. (My favorite is the square photo book) This option will also be available if you do a theme photo album, right before you start working on it.



Start by uploading your pictures and choose from which source you want to upload your photos. You can upload them from your computer, import them from facebook or instagram also you can use photos from your google photos. Once you have selected all the pictures you want to use you can place them wherever you want.



You will see four different icons on the top left side and one at the bottom. First one (photos icon) where you added your photos/can add more, second one (layouts) this is when you want to choose how you want to set up your images, third button (backgrounds) where you can choose a different background within the theme you choose or different backgrounds, fourth (stickers) these are stickers Mixbook provides so you can give your photo album and extra touch of magic. At the bottom of the sidebar there’s a chat button where a representative from the Mixbook team can help you if you're stuck. There's a button that is an open book….



That button will help you see the whole entire overview of all the pages of your book and or if you wish to switch pages put one before another, you'll be able to do that. Now if you wish to only move one page you can do that by enabling (move pages) on the top right corner. The (move left, move right) arrows allow you to move the pages without dragging them. Final button (work area) will take you back to designing your book.



Another thing that I absolutely love is the way you can add text to the spine of your book, which many other services don't allow you to do that.



Once you're on your way to complete your book you'll see save, preview, and order from there you'll make your selection. 


I am in total love with Mixbook and the way their photo books turn out! You can register by doing click here