About me

Una breve biografía

In 2006 I began my career in the Faculty of Medicine at the School of Nutrition and Dietetics at the Central University of Venezuela (Universidad Central de Venezuela), which I left unfinished by the 7th semester when I was contacted by the National University of Florida (FIU) for a scholarship that I had been granted. I press toward my education in 2009 at FIU and I get graduated two years later.

I began my working life in different utility companies and hospitals, but my motivation and passion were not found in those places. So, by 2013 I decided to home register my company in USA named No Es Dieta, which, today, is the one that gives the whole meaning and reason to my work. No Es Dieta arises from my day to day experience with my patients, as they continually reported me: “Lorena, I’m doing the Perfect Diet” and I just plain corrected them:“It’s not diet, is your new way of eating”.”.


I graduated in Nutrition and Dietetics, with a great passion in educating the public and people who need it, in an easy and practical manner, adaptable to your lifestyle. For that reason I have dedicated to dictate conferences and seminars with over 5 public performances at international level. For me, it has always been important to teach my patients to eat healthy, to impress upon them eating habits, instead of a diet to help them lose 10 kg, which they may recover again later.

Join me to discover which will be your new eating plan, you have a new healthy lifestyle assured, adjusted to you, your tastes and routine. I’m waiting for you!

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