Cuenta nutrientes, NO cuentes calorías (DIGITAL VERSION)

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I am Lorena Farias, Licensed in Nutrition and Dietetics, founder of @NoesDieta and writer of the book: !Cuenta Nutrientes, No Calorías! Dedicated to nutritional advice: clear, concise and concrete, ready for us to integrate into our daily routine.

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Cuenta nutrientes, NO cuentes calorías (DIGITAL VERSION)

Not only when losing weight, but also to maintain a good state of health. At a time when information of all kinds flies free on the internet and social media it is important that we know what information we can turn to when we want to expand our information on nutrition and the specialization of nutritional objectives also the best quality of life.

With great affection I just finished my book that includes:

  • • Alkaline food to prevent and treat chronic diseases.
  • • How to avoid the development of free radicals.
  • • Macronutrient requirements.
  • • As our portions should be.
  • • Snacks to reduce anxiety.
  • • Food both before and after exercise.
  • • Green Juice Recipes.
  • • Simple and delicious recipes.
  • • How to understand the nutritional tables and smart shopping at the supermarket.


Content includes a meal plan to lose 1 kg per week.


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