They changed their lifestyle. You also can!

A higher quality of life is part of your nutritional goals. Together we can work as a team to help you achieve the purpose of a healthy life.

It is normal to starting a dietary routine and feeling motivated and positive and then abandoning after a few weeks. That’s why I’m devoted to give you the necessary confidence so you be able to choose what’s right for you among natural options which will ensure adhesion to eating plans that later become habits.

As your nutritionist, it is very important to me that you feel identified with your diet plan and you can exercise power on those impulses that lead you to give up too soon on your goal. Quickly you will begin to feel a renewed energy, your immune system will also be benefited and the look of your skin and hair will improve, cellulite will decrease, even the risk of chronic diseases.



My Coaching Process as a Nutritionist is very much based on helping you to know yourself, controlling your emotions and thoughts since sometimes they are the ones that control our mind and how we project ourselves with food. We will work together to achieve your ideal weight and very important... THAT YOUR KEEP IT!

My job philosophy is helping you implement a new life style:

  1. Adding more plant food
  2. Less animal food
  3. Reduce processed aliments
  4. Avoid supplements and high-protein diets
  5. Counting nutrients instead of calories

Each PERSONALIZED NUTRITIONAL PLAN is ONLINE for a 2 weeks period, which includes:

  1. Food menu
  2. Pre and Post-Training snacks
  3. Tools and tips to fight anxiety
  4. Green juices recipes
  5. Nutritional counseling during the time we are working together

You can acquire the amount of nutritional plans that you want or require to achieve your weight/ideal nutritional goal.Each plan is strictly studied to be customized to your nutritional requirements, based on your preferences and pre-existing conditions.

I only work with FOOD, no pills, supplements or synthetic products. EVERY 2 weeks nutritional plan includes all the assistance you require during that time, meaning that every two weeks, you will have a new meal plan adapted to your needs and goals.

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